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We are not blowing our own trumpet, we have testimonies to back our impact.

Raphael Dassah

My appreciation goes to CODE NATION 1957 for helping me realise my dreams of going back to the university by fully funding my education . Personally,I'm a living testimony and I strongly believe that CODE NATION 1957 has come to revolutionize the youth mentally. i am now a Communication student at AUCC.

Yao Selorm Kuatsinu

CODE NATION 1957 has really taught me what it means to live for others - sacrifice. But mostly importantly as a CODE NATION 1957 leader, I've learnt patience, organizing skills and what leadership really mean - service to others. CODE NATION 1957 is needed in Ghana because it's the only platform that teaches the youth to be selfless in developing Ghana.

Boabeng Emmanuel Junior

It's true that when you find your true family you don't get lost. There are lots of families and organizations I have been in but found not my passion and where i belong to until I met CODE NATION 1957. i have been spirituality Uplifted Politically Wise, Business Oriented and it has helped me discover who I am truly and being part of Easimodation an initiative backed by CODE NATION 1957, God bless Pastor David Adjaye God bless Code NATION

Dennis Appiah Gyamfi

I am a proud member of CODE NATION 57. The greatest family in the country which helps to empower the youth. I am lucky to be part of this family as they've helped me in several ways Creative Arts, Business Oriented, Politically, Entrepreneur mindset and Mentorship aid. I am also part of Easimodation an initiative backed by Code NATION 1957. God bless Pastor David Adjaye, Mr. Jerry Biscoffe and Mr. Selorm Yao.. God bless all members.. Join Code NATION 1957 so that you will be empowered in every aspect of your life

Mohammed Abdul Salam

I cannot begin to imagine how CODE NATION 1957 has been a positive impact on my life. We are a community, a family of exuberant and thoughtful youth who are out to create and be the change we so desire..we need Code NATION 1957 in Ghana because of the political comatose we've found ourselves in. The political wing to be precise has given me the opportunity to learn and unlearn certain things about politics and governance; partisan extremism I've come to understand is not a mark of a thoughtful youth. I can't forget about the inspiration I derive from our Founder Pastor David, all I can say is I promise as a CODE NATION 1957 member to not let myself down.#Code57Worldwide

Hendrix Nana Kofi Sarpong.Founder and C.E.O Agriboost.

CODE NATION 1957 has truly inspired me in all endeavors of my life. I woke up one morning to hear of a birth of a movement which is going to change Ghana and the world at large. At first I doubted if this was ever going to be possible, but after three months of joining this movement. I had a different perspective of how the world works. I got to know that if you are to change the world then you first got to change your mindset. Through the strong networks in this movement I have won so many entrepreneurial awards and will be representing University of Ghana at the National Tertiary Entrepreneurship Competition organized by the government of Ghana. Ayeekoo to the founders and members of CODE NATION 1957

Takyiwaa Nelly

CODE NATION 1957 a family I never dreamt of having to belong to in Ghana, well it’s here and here to stay. Joining CODE NATION 1957 I thought it was just a one day show but with observations. It has impacted a lot in my life, I had the chance of speaking with Jerry the team leader and I learnt a lot from him. It has helped me to shape how my business should move and what I should do about it, I’m not where I want my business to be but I know and believe with CODE NATION 1957 I will grow. Thanks Pastor David for this awesome opportunity and thanks to you all for making what we plan on achieving

Sandra Ofori Boamah

I am a proud member of Code Nation 1957. Being a part of this movement has enlightened me politically, socially, spiritually and economically. The few months spent with CODE NATION 1957 has aroused an unquenchable desire to live for others,fight for what is right and to create an atmosphere of love and unity wherever I may be. Indeed this is a great family and I believe if sustained in Ghana,spirited leaders would be raised, mutual love and unity would evolve throughout this country and beyond and the change we seek shall be attained by us. Let's all endeavor to be a part of this great family.

Jerry O.A Biscoffe CEO, Yaabroni Premium Kenkey Team Leader, Codenation 1957

In a timely moment when I was struggling to move to the next stage of my life, I came across the founder of this movement CODE NATION 1957. He became a booster to my life for a character like the confidence that I lacked and gave me the opportunity as the Team Leader to polish my talent and maximize my potentials. CODE NATION 57 is obviously built with the best attitude the citizens of Ghana and the culture lacks. Should we as Ghanaians embrace, support and instill in us the selflessness, love and spirited nature of CODE NATION 57, this nation will in no time see a turnaround.

Emefa Homadzi Benedicta CEO, Emy Foods PRO, Codenation 1957

I was chasing purpose for years until I met CODE NATION 1957 which made my dreams a reality. CODE NATION 1957 has been a great platform for me to unleash my potential and will always be a platform for every youth in Ghana. It is a great honor to serve in this great movement as a leader. I'm glad that through CODE NATION 1957 I will be a blessing to many. I encourage everyone to be part of this great movement to transform our nation Ghana.

Benyigi Emmanuel CODE57 UEW-LEADER

I am privileged to be a part of this noble movement CODE NATION 1957 A solid team of fine brains who are determined to change the statistics. To associate with a team who are passionate about championing the course of speaking for the voiceless and looking at issues in an objective manner to arrive at a conclusion is worth mentioning. In our current dispensation where people will see truth and paint it otherwise, this family gives me hope that together we can achieve more. Let us embrace this movement and lend our support to it. I am all for the growth, development and sustainability of CODE NATION 1957

Prince Hodedzi, Organizer, Codenation 1957

There comes a moment in every person’s life where there is a turning point. Ironically, I had my fair share of that moment not when I joined CODE NATION 1957, but when I was just about it. Because it’s mission, values, and aspirations mirrored a future I have always envisaged. CODE NATION 1957 has given me a first-hand experience of what true leadership is; true leadership is an act of sacrifice and selflessness. I dare say, being part of this noble cause is the best thing to have ever happened to me. It is humbling to be part HISTORY. God bless you Pastor David Adjaye.

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