Health wing

Health wing

Code-57 health wing ✨ The vision of the health wing to promote good health of the good people of Ghana with a mission to create awareness of good health principles and to provide basic and affordable health services to all people with much attention to the less privileged in our communities. Creating good health leaders to promote the health of our people is our objective. Selflessness, sacrifice, and an attitude of teamwork are great values to help in achieving our vision. ● With the strategies and activities put in place I'm positive we have taken a step to getting the best out of the Ghanaian youth. Values .. integrity and patience to roll up .with strength and unity as team . We can build up.our youth and a better generation*

Projects Undertaken By Wing
Nose mask distribution in volta

This was a very important project that saved the life of our brethrens in the volta region. The health wing with it's leaders in volta region embarked on a journey to help regulate the risk of attracting the virus. A clear fact and precautionary measure we gave out masks branded code-57 for use.